Car Scrap Yards in Toronto

Many people in Toronto and around the globe are starting to realize that scrap is becoming a growing issue for residents of Toronto and our environment.

As the Canadian economy continues to grow, so do vehicle purchases. However there is a problem with purchasing new vehicles – old vehicles need to be disposed.

Auto Scrap yard Toronto

Auto Scrap yard in Toronto.

Vehicle Disposal Options

  1. Leave your vehicle to sit in your lot or farm where it will slowly deteriorate and could cause a hazard to the environment as dangerous fluids leak into the ground and our water supply.
  2. Drive your vehicle directly to an auto scrap yard in Toronto like Standard Auto Wreckers. However, in many instances your vehicle might not be in a drivable condition, and as a result you may have to pay a towing company to tow your vehicle at a fee.
  3.  Call a reputable scrap car removal company in Toronto like Scrap Car Removal Toronto. Although there are many scrap car removal companies in Toronto choosing the best company can be a challenge. To find out which companies are reputable read the section below.
  4. Try to sell your vehicle yourself. There are many ways to sell your vehicle including:
  • Adding your vehicle to
  • Advertising your vehicle on
  • Telling your friends and family that you have a used car you would like to sell.

Reputable Scrap Car Removal Companies

We have done some research for you to help you save time when selecting a car removal company in Toronto.

With the most positive reviews in Toronto the company that offers the most convenient and professional scrap car removal services is Scrap Car Removal Toronto.

Scrap Car Removal Toronto will come to your premises and give you a quote depending on the status of your vehicle. They pay you cash and remove your vehicle free of charge. They then either recycle your vehicle for parts, or if its still in drivable condition they may try to sell the vehicle to their reputable partners.


In order to reduce the garbage problem which Toronto is facing we must dispose of our used vehicles in the most intelligent manner available. Please do not just let your old vehicles sit in your yard, because this can be a hazard to the environment.

Do your research and make the best decisions you can in order to make a better future for ourselves and the next generations.